**Terms and Conditions**

These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") are entered into by and between the user ("Customer") and www.edutorsindia.co.in, governing the use of the e-commerce educational website ("Website"). By accessing or using the Website, the Customer agrees to abide by these terms. Please read the Agreement carefully before making any payment.

**1. Payment Terms:**

1.1 Customer agrees to make payments for the educational services provided.

1.2 All payments are non-refundable and non-cancellable once made, for any reason.

**2. Transaction Fees:**

2.1 Transaction fees, including any duplicate payments, will be borne by the cardholder.

2.2 Transaction fees will not be refunded or reversed under any circumstances, including but not limited to refund requests, reversals, chargebacks, or any other reasons.

**3. Customer Support:**

3.1 In case of queries, disputes, or chargebacks, the cardholder or Customer may contact the call center, helpdesk, or helpline provided in contact page of the website.

**4. Miscellaneous:**

5.1 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Website reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate services without notice.

5.2 Edutors is not responsible for any technical issues, interruptions, or delays that may occur during the payment process.

5.3 The Customer is responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date payment information.

5.4 Edutors reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time. It is the Customer's responsibility to review them periodically for changes.

**6. Governing Law:**

6.1 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Kolkata Juridiction.

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